Monday, 10th September, 1866

A very pleasant morning. Cool enough last night for a little fire in the chamber. All sat in there till bedtime. Bill, Pigeo and Nan are having chills, all say. I hardly know what to do, they have them at irregular hours, all the time having them. Fixed up a quantity of quinine for them today. Bill and George rode to the C. H. in the buggy and returned to dinner. Meredith’s Case postponed again for some cause or other, and I am sorry for it for I want to know what to do. Bake helped me to look over some papers respecting it. – – Washington left for Richmond last night. Paid Patsy $5 this morning. She ironed today. – – We hired six hands to pull fodder today, including Clarissa. – – The hack in which Bake and George came returned early this morning. They have been at a great deal of expense since they left Savannah. It was very unfortunate that he should have been taken sick on their way. Simply boarding in New York cost them $50.00 pr. week. Bill had a severe chill this evening. Moved him in the little room today. George is taking medicine regularly, is very much indisposed. Had a cot fixed in my chamber for him to lie on during the day.