Tuesday, 11th September, 1866

Rather a cloudy, gloomy looking morning. I have dark forebodings and am often sad on account of it, yet I know the Lord is able to bring us out of all our distresses. May I never cease to trust in his name. – – George’s quite feeble and we do all we can to cheer him up. I know he has the dearest and most affectionate little wife in the world. Ju came down to see us today, left some time after dinner. Prescribed for George. He had no idea of seeing him look so badly. – – Baptist Association begins at Colosse today. Ju informed me that Gen. White, who married my sister, would be down and spend the night with me.1Virginia Militia General Thomas Mercer White (1802 – 1894) is representing Bethlehem Baptist Church (later Winns Baptist) of Hanover County. A member of the well-known and politically prominent White family of Spring Grove, the General will be elected to the Virginia House of Delegates a decade after this visit to Woodbury. His first wife, Caroline’s sister, seems to have died in the late 1840s leaving perhaps as many as seven children. The General then remarried and started a second family. Despite this legacy, very little about Caroline’s sister, including her name, has been discovered. The search will continue. Thanks to Darlene Slater Herod of the Virginia Baptist Historical Society for the information that eventually identified “Gen. White.” He and a Mr. Nash arrived about 5 o’clk. He is right much changed since I saw him last, but looks quite well. We all sat up quite late, and Bake, Pigeo and Nan gave him some excellent music. The two latter well. Bill had been in bed all day taking quinine, all missed their chills and left their rooms. I went to the smoke house and had four nice hams gotten down and weighed for Mr. Slaughter and sent it to the C. H. by Addison on a mule, 44 lbs. – – Patsy’s chopping a little in the garden today. Bake and I went down and had a snack of lobsters and sora. George enjoyed the sora very much, the first he ever saw. I insisted on Ju’s eating some at dinner, but he doesn’t like to try new things in the way of eating. The General promised to return tonight if he concludes to stay another day in the County.