Wednesday, 12th September, 1866

A delightful morning. General White and Co. left for Colosse after breakfast. I enjoyed the old gentleman’s company very much. We talked over old times together. – – I’ve been so much taken up with Bake and George, sickness &c, other company, that I’ve not had much time to think about my little schoolboy. – – But, if life and thought and being last, he will reserve and occupy a place in my memory. I miss his cheerful air and pleasant song. He and Liv sat in the back porch a night or two before they left and sang over all the old songs they used to sing in the days of yore. – – George remained in bed most of the day. Came down and laid on a lounge in my chamber some time. Bill and the children begin to stir out a little. We have some five or six hours there about the fodder.