Thursday, 13th September, 1866

Lovely morning, cool and pleasant. Bill arose quite early. Took a glass of bitters and went over to the field and had a lamb killed by Jim. Then went up to Walkerton to get a vessel to take our wheat to Baltimore. Settled Mr. Acree’s account and engaged a vessel to be down this evening. Put the hands about fanning wheat after dinner. – – Patsy washed some things for Bake today. Martha came back time enough to churn before dinner. She has been attending the operation ever since Monday. They are the only free and happy people it seems. – – Ju came down quite early to call on George. Thinks his condition quite a serious one. I sent one of his patients a loaf of bread by him (old Mr. Bart Lipscomb), and gave him some potatoes. – – Bill took down some hams today. Weighed five for Mr. Patrick Slaughter, they weighed fifty-three pounds. – – Cut off the skirt of the dress Hardie gave me today and commenced turning it up. – – Pigeo and I went down and made some cakes and baked them in the stove, and while it was hot, had some coffee and flannel cakes for supper.1Flannel cakes seem to be more associated with the middle states (colonies) than with Virginia or the South. Google at will. Patsy baked the corn bread in the kitchen. Bill went up and sat with George some after supper. I have very little time to go in his room. He came down and laid on the lounge a little while, but soon had to return to his bed. He is more feeble today than he has been. The Dr. has confined his diet principally to buttermilk, which I try to have always fresh for him. Had a sora fried for his snack, but he couldn’t touch it, everything seems to disagree with him today. – – Pigeo and Nan are fond of waiting on him. Bake reads to him. – – A boy came from the vessel to buy butter. Sold him two pounds and gave him some milk for a sick man.