Monday, 17th September, 1866

Very warm for the season. George is much better this morning. Having some little business at Canton, Pigeo and I rode down in the buggy, took Phil behind. Called to Mr. P. Slaughter’s and took the four hams in the buggy for Mr. I. S. S.1Caroline has again given us a bit of a puzzle, “Who is Mr. I. S. S.?” As she has already twice mentioned merchant P. (H.) Slaughter, it is reasonable to assume she is referring to another member of the Slaughter family. But a look at the census and tax records for King William suggests no one obvious. Are we sure of the initials? Click on “Mr. I. S. S.” and tell me what you think. Mr. P. Slaughter requested me to let him have some more bacon, had 53 lbs. weighed for him after returning home, making 106 lbs. Called by Ju’s a short time. He gave me some paregoric and brandy for a severe pain. It soon relieved me. Found all in the dining room preparing a snack when I reached home, which we all enjoyed very much. Martha came to the kitchen and baked some bread. Patsy’s sick. We are doing very little in the way of farming. No fallowing or pulling fodder worth speaking of. John Banks and Harriet came, but Bill sent them back. Said he couldn’t afford to pay them for fallowing unless he could attend to it. They did so little last week. Bake seems to enjoy home and it’s scenes very much. Is more lively and wild than I ever saw her.