Tuesday, 18th September, 1866

The weather is excessively warm for the season. Patsy came out, but was taken in another chill. Martha cooked dinner. Roasted the last quarter of lamb. – – Cleaned spittoons and fendie.1Another of Caroline’s unidentified text. Click on the word and see if you can make it out. Bake, George and the children took a short walk. She thinks a little exercise would benefit him. Cut the body and sleeves of my dress out while they were gone. Jim and John Banks are pulling fodder, Harriet didn’t come. I intended for her to iron some things for Bake, but Pigeo did it as nicely as she could have done. I walked upstairs after dinner where they were all sitting and handed her a little reward by way of encouragement. I hope to hear from Zac by the next mail. He will have been gone a fortnight next Saturday. I am so anxious to hear from him.