Wednesday, 19th September, 1866

A pleasant breeze today, but very warm. The thermometer ranged from 80 to 90 in the passage. George is improving, but the Dr. came and after taking a pill, is quite sick, all the energy and low spirited withall. Ju came about 12, had a nice snack for him. Bake, Pigeo and Nan had just returned from a walk up to the quarters to see the servants. Spent several hours with them. Clarissa treated them to candy, apples, &c. Patsy’s taking quinine today. None would come to have any more dinner, but an early supper this evening. Did some little to my dress today. The children are complaining this evening. Think Bill and Pigeo must have had chills from their fevers. All retired early. Albert and Washington came from Richmond this evening. The first time the person has been home since the fall of Richmond, or rather since the spring of ’63.1We first met Albert on 1 November, 1864 when Caroline sent a jug of molasses to Albert, Tom, and Leah in care of her daughter Mary Hanes. Albert was hired out by Mary for year 1865 for 450$, much to Caroline’s chagrin. As it turned it, Albert would be free by April. – – Nan cut off two chemise today for herself. Bake’s making a braided skirt. She is as happy and cheerful as a lark, except when George’s symptoms are unfavorable.