Thursday, 20th September, 1866

Just such a day as yesterday. Was a brisk breeze all day till evening, when we had a tremendous storm with vivid lightning, severe thunder and some rain. Bill rode to the C. H. just before the cloud, about 6 o’clk. to see Ju and send some letters by Horace to Richmond. He will go in the morning, with the intention of going to Mobile, Alabama. Bake sent Martha with a carboy to Ju’s for some cider. Ju and Mag had gone to Mrs. Hill’s. The whole family nearly sick there. He returned and left Mag to remain all night. Bill took supper with Ju. Martha came just before the rain. Left the carboy. We were prevented from having any supper gotten, and after the worst of the storm was over, Bake and Nan and myself went down and found a plenty of cold bread, bonny clabber molasses, cold lamb, &c, which we made our supper on. Carried up some for George in the passage. He has been rather better today than yesterday. Pigeo has been in bed sick all day, and Nan most of the day with fever and headache. Commenced giving Pigeo “Osgood’s India Cholagogue” yesterday. It’s said to be efficacious in all attacks of bilious fever and ague, &c. – – Patsy has been taking quinine all day, send it to the quarters to her by first one and then another. Phil churned today. I have churning done every day on account of having fresh buttermilk for George. Martha cooks since Patsy has been sick. She was taken last Sunday evening. Came out Monday morning, but had to return to her house. Mr. Slaughter came today to buy bacon in trade, but I refused to let him have it in that way. – – I sewed a little on my dress today. Can scarcely see what I do though in the way of work, am all the time on my feet. Bake stitched up my sleeves. George, when he is well enough, lies on a lounge in the passage in my Chamber, where we keep him company as much as possible, he gets lonely upstairs. Sold Clarissa a pound of soap and gave Martha two pounds.