Thursday, 27th September, 1866

A considerable change in the weather, cool enough for fire all day. I am feeling much better today. – – Patsy starched and ironed with Pigeo’s instructions in starching. She ironed some things in the back chamber while Patsy ironed in the kitchen. Mrs. Lewis and Livinia spent the morning. I was pleased to see them. Old neighbors are so much better than new ones. George rode to Ju’s and staid till after dinner. Came back about 5 o’clk. and I think had a chill. Bake fixed the litter in my room for him to lie down till after supper. He, she and I took supper in my room. – – It was wise in him not to go with the gentlemen to the W. Oak to a sora supper or fish fry. He brought an invitation to Bill, but he was wise enough not to go out too. He deserves credit for so much self denial. – – Jim carried nine bushels corn to Mill’s Mill, was late getting back. Sent Mr. Slaughter 53 lbs. bacon by him, making 106 lbs. In all he has had recently at 25 cts. pr. pound, payable in a few days.