Sunday, 30th September, 1866

Still raining. Bill was the first one to be up and out. Sent Jim on George to Ju’s to deliver messages to bring quinine for George, succeeded in missing his chill. – – Ju came to dinner. I was up and dressed for breakfast, but didn’t go down till dinner. Clarissa waited on the table. Addison still puny. Bell is entirely relieved this morning. I went the first thing to see how she and Mag were. Bake fixed up her jaw with some liniment last night. She has suffered a great deal with it since she came. They all left about 6 in a tumbrel. Ju remained longer. Bill rode up with him on Fannie when he left and brought about a doz. letters from the mail which Ju told us of. George received some. Bake received seven, two from Mrs. Arledge, her mother-in-law, one from Mary, one from Sallie Wright, one from Bettie Roper, and several others. Pigeo one from Sadie Hopson, and I one from Liv. Bill from some one, I don’t remember who. I commenced taking “Osgoods India Cholagogue” today. It’s shocking to take, but I am determined to try.