Monday, 1st October, 1866

The weather continues rainy and gloomy. I was up very early this morning and busied myself too much about the fire. Took cold and had neuralgia in my face the rest of the day, almost incessantly. Scaled over pickle preserves, &c. Ended with a molasses stew which the children, with Bake’s assistance, pulled very nicely. – – George took his breakfast in his room, came out to dinner and supper. I had to retire before supper, and they all sat in my room and laughed and talked till bedtime. Bake and Nan pretended to sew a little, the latter fixing for school. I have an idea of sending her to Powell’s School in Richmond, Piedmont is too far.1Progressive for its day, Lee Powell’s Southern Female Institute, founded in 1850, provided a curriculum for women hardly distinguishable from that provided for men. An early advertisement declared that the Institute sought “to elevate the standard of female education,” and that it was “modeled after the University of Virginia and the Virginia Military Institute.” Like several other excellent schools, it began on Richmond’s Linden Row – the two westernmost houses – but later moved to other addresses. The previous was adapted from Richmond – The Story of a City by Virginius Dabney, Revised 1990. – – Patsy washed the dining room floor this evening. – – Sandy commenced work today.