Tuesday, 2nd October, 1866

I arose sometime before day this morning. I wrote a long letter to Liv respecting Nan’s boarding at Mary’s to go to school, as well as to answer some enquiries made in his last letter. Bill rode to the C. H. and took my letter and one from George to a lady in Balto. from whom they expect to rent rooms. Mrs. Jane somebody. He returned about ten, took breakfast with Ju, had the letters mailed, saw Mr. Gary about a little matter of business. The weather still wet and gloomy. The ploughs are at work fallowing in the peas for wheat. – – I walked to the smoke house and gave Sandy allowance for meat for a fortnight, i.e. till Saturday week. – – Gave Patsy a handful of blue cotton to spin. She has not done a day’s work since Bake came, all her time taken up at the quarters and jobbing about one thing or other. Bill rode to the C. H. late this evening. Thought he would get a letter from Smith and Watkins respecting our wheat, whether they had sold or not. I expected a letter from Hardie and one from Zac, but was disappointed, no letters from any one. Bake and the children gathered my peppers, a large quantity, and I fixed up a bottle of cherry pepper and filled with vinegar for Bake.