Saturday, 6th October, 1866

Another beautiful fall day, just cool enough for a little fire all the time. I was busy in the dining room most of the day. Starched some things for Bake and did various other things that wearied and tired me very much. – – Bill started the oxcart and wagon to Dr. Wm. P. Braxton’s for fifty bushels blue stem wheat.1While the term “Bluestem” has been applied over the years to several varieties of wheat, it is likely this is a soft “white” wheat. Planting a variety of wheat varieties provided flour for different usages, and also provided some level of protection from pests and diseases. George was kind enough to lend me $150 till we get the return from our wheat shipped to Baltimore middle of Sept. The Dr. sold his wheat for cash. Bill on Fannie and the wagon and cart arrived about 5 o’clk. I banked a few yarn broaches this evening for counterpanes.