Wednesday, 10th October, 1866

Another fine morning. I arose quite early and wrote in my journal by lamplight. Bake and I slept in the back chamber, Pigeo and Nan in the front chamber. I’ve employed the day pretty much banking some white yarn for a couple of counterpanes. Nan at work on her gown and Pigeo making a watch pocket. Had an earlier breakfast than usual. I washed a flannel before breakfast. Came on to rain about 12 and increased during the evening with severe thunder and lightning all the while. – – Bill’s broken up in sowing wheat. Had to bring it from the field through the rain and then sat in the chamber and made fun for the children the rest of the evening. – – I wouldn’t trouble Patsy to cook supper, just had an oven of rolls baked in the chamber. Went down and ate supper by early candlelight. – – Addison rubbed furniture all evening as it was raining. Bill rode to the C. H. and brought letters for us all, except Nan. I one from Hardie and Liv, Bake one from Zac, Pigeo one from Zac, and one from the University, and one from Savannah for George. Bill one, with returns of wheat from Smith and Watkins.