Monday, 15th October, 1866

I arose quite early this morning, intending to write to Zac, but before I finished looking in the desk for some papers Bill wanted to see, day broke in upon me and I had to defer it till after breakfast. Enclosed it with Pigeo’s and Bill took them up and had some six or eight mailed for Bake, Pigeo and myself. Ju sent Rhoda down to borrow two pecks flour. Mag sent for a wrapping to wear to the night meeting at the C. H. Expect to have preaching there all the week. Sent a pressing invitation for us all to come up, but it will not be in our power to go, the roads are impassible. – – Bake trimmed my sleeves for the dress Hardie gave me. – – Bill sowed some ten or eleven bushels of wheat today, making about twenty-eight in all. – – Dellah came to see Bake and brought Ben. Martha baked some excellent ginger cakes in the front chamber. Pigeo’s making a calico dress. Dellah sewed some on the skirt. Made me think of old times to have her and Martha in the chamber. – – Patsy washed. I went up in Bake’s room and sat a while. Assisted her a little bit in changing the ribbon on her bonnet. Came down and had an early supper. Martha baked biscuits in the chamber after finishing the cakes, while Patsy got the rest at the kitchen. Bake brings old times forcibly back to my mind, I can scarcely think she is married.