Tuesday, 16th October, 1866

This has been a lovely day. I went down and starched things and Dellah hung them out. Patsy ironed. Pigeo and Nan, after getting ready, went up to Ju’s in order to attend the night meeting. Martha carried their satchel. They will be gone several days. – – Bake and I anticipate a quiet time in their absence. We retired early, feeling right much fatigued. She did up some little things for herself beautifully, her first experiment. Her little ruffles look like they were fluted. She is a little wife worth having and I believe George puts a proper estimate on her. He promised to bring her a sugar doll if she would behave well in his absence. – – Pigeo nearly finished her dress before leaving. – – Nan commenced about her brown dress to be trimmed with blue. I should have said “maroon” dress. – – Thirty bushels wheat sowed on the pea fallow. Crop dragging today.