Wednesday, 17th October, 1866

A lovely day. Started Washington early this morning to Tappahannock for George. They arrived at dusk, George looking very well and improved in health. Completed his business there to his satisfaction. Brought Bake a beautiful black cloth cloak, had it made to order. She is delighted with it, as it was unexpected. She had contemplated getting one in Richmond. She and I spent the day very pleasantly, she finishing off a beautiful chemise and I facing and binding my skirt. Had her two chemise nicely done up. Mrs. Martha Cobb came to rent the mill house to live, on hearing John Banks would leave. Patsy boiled an old ham for dinner. Bill killed some eight or nine partridge. Dellah left this morning. Bake made her a present. Bill attended the night after supper. Went meeting more to see Lucian Robinson than anything else, about some red wheat. Dined with Mrs. Robinson yesterday. Crop dragged again today. Addison took Washington’s place. Jim and Sandy are dragging.