Monday, 22nd October, 1866

I arose very early this morning. Finished a long letter to Hardie and one to Zac enclosing Hardie’s in his, thinking it would be best to send it in this way as he would be in the mountains sometime. Bill will take it up goes to Court. – – He started away on Fannie about ten o’clk. to deliver 20 sheep, sold a butcher last week for eight dollars. Took Addison with him, by way of Acquinton Church. I gave him Mr. Gary’s acct. to settle, also Mr. Houchings’ book to have a credit of $20 made, and also thirty-one pounds bacon. – – Had my chamber and Bill’s room scalded and washed today by Patsy. – – (Nan and I fixed the buggy harness). Addison returned at dark. Bill has not returned at all. I suppose the cloud with rain, thunder and lightning prevented him. I know of nothing else. Mr. J. McGeorge came for wheat, but I could not deliver it as Bill has not named it to me. Capt. Bramble’s vessel passed here this evening. I’m very sorry Bill was not here to fix up and send Bake’s things to Balt.