Wednesday, 24th October, 1866

Quite a pretty morning, and I thought Nan and I would ride to Canton as she wanted shoes and I some little articles. Took Addison along on Fannie. It commenced turning so cold that I thought it would almost freeze by night. Found nothing I wanted but cheese, which I paid 30 cents per pound for. Returned about 4. Found Pigeo at home just from Mrs. Hill’s, where she has been ever since Sunday evening. Willie and Bell brought her as far as Ju’s and Rhoda walked with her down. – – Bill sowed about 7 bushels red wheat today, finished the white I yesterday, I believe. – – Pigeo had been quite sick at Mrs. Hill’s. I had some tea made and cheese brought up. She ate a little. It was so cold we all 3 slept in one bed tonight.