Sunday, 28th October, 1866

A lovely day. I arose quite early this morning and as there was no prospect for an early breakfast at the kitchen, I just went down and with Addison’s assistance soon had a nice breakfast prepared on the stove. – – Sent some hot biscuits, a plate of butter, a bit of steak and a small roasting piece of beef to Mr. Cooke by Clarissa. – – Sent Mrs. Lipscomb a basket of eatables by Martha, and took a basket with a steak and roasting piece to Ju as we went to Church. Washington rode by on a mule and carried it and overtook us again with a request from Jennie Hill and Bell for Pigeo to accompany them to Acquinton. Not returning an answer by the boy immediately, they left before Pigeo returned from Zion. Though little, Mr. Garrett took her back in the buggy as soon as we reached there. While I objected to her going, I was very glad it happened. We met with Jennie just at the tavern on her way back. Rose called me in question, rather abruptly, about some reports circulating. We returned to dinner. Ju and Mr. Slaughter spent the evening.