Monday, 29th October, 1866

Cloudy and warm. Salted the beef, cut out on Saturday evening. After that took Patsy and Addison upstairs and moved some things. Changed the children’s room and Bill assisted them in moving their wardrobe this evening. – – He finished sowing wheat this morning. Had to finish off with three bushels of our old white wheat, making seventy-two bushels in all seeded. – – Came on to rain this evening. – – Washington and Sandy came in to settle up their wages. Paid Sandy $3.00, paid Dandridge $2.00 a day or two ago on Patsy’s acct. – – Nan drank a cup of strong coffee that sat out all night, to cure her chill. It had the desired effect. Dandy knocked off today. Don’t know whether Bill will employ him again or not.1It appears Dandridge has a nickname.