Sunday, 4th November, 1866

A drizzling, rainy, dull day. Nothing kept me at home but the inclemency of going out in an open vehicle, having been accustomed to going in a closed warm carriage for so many years, and now I am subject to rather more infirmities than in earlier years. I would like so much to have a pair of horses or mules strong enough to pull the carriage, or even if the buggy had a top to it I would not be afraid to venture out. – – Sent Addison up for the letters come by last mail. They had not arrived when Pigeo went for them Friday evening. He brought me a letter from Bake and one from Emily, and Bill one. Bill had the misfortune to have one of his fattening hogs nearly killed by the rest in the pen. Had to have it butchered to save it. – – Pigeo thinks she has been having a chill all day. Ju has no quinine. Nan and herself sat upstairs most of the day.