Wednesday, 7th November, 1866

Another white frost and a beautiful day. Bill had a wagon load of potatoes carried round to Mrs. Littlepage, his aunt Martha Ann, to take care of for us during the winter. Measuring thirty hampers full of eating roots. He went with the wagon, i.e. started soon after it and overtook it before getting there. I expected him back to dinner. Had the wild goose cooked, but he came sometime after supper, don’t know what detained him. Came by the C. H., brought a report from Gen. Smith (says Zac has too many demands) and a circular from Gen. Roper in Balto., who has turned his attention to the Commission business. – – Bill expects to go to Richmond in the morning. Will take Pigeo over. I fixed up some things to send Liv. Made and done up 4 collars, a velvet vest, two pair socks, two under shirts and a $5 bill. I am so bothered. I’ve written the same I did on yesterday, as regards the Richmond trip. I walked to the barn and circumambulated the premises. I do not remember the last time I was there. Made Addison pick up several horses chips.