Sunday, 11th November, 1866

Quite a pretty morning, but the day wound up with rather an inclement evening. Came on to rain just before Bill and Pigeo, with little Mollie Garland, drove up. Mr. Cooke came soon after and spent the night. From their detention in Richmond, I feared some accident had happened. One of the mules was sick and Washington was detained on the road. I couldn’t help being a little uneasy. Sent Addison to Ju’s with a note and a letter to have mailed to Zac. He brought papers and letters that came Friday, one to Pigeo from Zac, 1 from Bake to me, and several to Bill from George. I am unavoidably prevented going to Church today, the 2nd Sunday at home. Pigeo was much pleased with her trip and purchases made in Rich. Spent a day with Sadie and visited Kitten several times. – – I was sorry they should have forgotten some little things I sent for such as quinine, Shallenbergers pills, stamps, envelopes &c, all very important articles. Bought a sack of salt $3.50, 5 gallons lamp oil, besides Pigeo’s things and a pair of shoes for Nan.