Monday, 12th November, 1866

A tolerably good day, after a rainy night. Much cooler than it has been. Had a square laid off by Patsy and Martha for transplanting strawberry vines. Commenced setting them. I’m sad today. In the garden most of the time to drive away sad thoughts, which I cannot quite overcome. – – Pigeo brought her purchases down for me to look at. I am very well pleased with them. A good deal of taste displayed. – – Little Mollie’s a sweet child. I love the frankness and candor she evinces in her disposition. Commenced her studies this morning. Allowed Nan and her to go in the garden the warm part of the day to pick ground peas and have all they could find, Mollie for herself and Sulie.1Caroline’s Capital Js and Ss were often undistinguishable. “Sulie” could be Julie. Bill employed himself at the barn today after riding round the field and finding where a good deal of our corn has been stolen, shucked in the field and carried off, and he is unable to trace it. A shoat has been stolen also, as well as ten chickens or pullets to disappear from the hen house within the last week.