Monday, 19th November, 1866

The weather still good. Hauled four loads corn today in the oxcart and wagon. Engaged Jno. Harris and Co., numbering five, to pull corn tomorrow and several more days. The work to be returned with the oxcart. – – Pigeo is busy about her wine colored marine dress. – – Nannie altering her muslin and I stirring about as usual, ever finding something to occupy my time, which has become very precious to me and greatly desire that it should be more profitably occupied, but I don’t know what to do with the things or time better, than to discharge the duties to the best of my strength and ability, trusting in God that he will ere long remove the many evils we have fallen heir to and bring us out of all our distress. – – The children took a walk late this evening to the new bridge. Mr. Cooke came about the time they returned and sat till eleven.