Tuesday, 20th November, 1866

The weather still fine. Had a slight shower about 12 last night, not enough to wet the corn I hope, as we are housing it in the shucks in order to expedite the gathering, as the thieves have commenced their work of stealing. Bill has been trying to catch them. Thinks he shot a man night or two ago while in the act, but not to hurt him much I imagine, as he has seen nothing from him since. – – The Harris’ came this morning to work, five in number. – – Bill and I discovered yesterday that all the potato’s we had packed away are nearly ruined from heat. They are literally cooked. Martha assisted me in picking them over and getting the best of them out. Don’t know when I had anything to mortify me so much, nor when I have been as much fatigued as I am tonight. I have had such a disagreeable day’s work. – – Patsy has been helping to store the corn in the house. Made eleven loads today.