Monday, 26th November, 1866

The weather was fine. Bill did not retire last night, but about 10 o’clk. had preparations made for killing hogs and about breakfast time had 21 hogs nicely cleaned and hung. – – 22 with the one killed first. The 21 weighed 1500 pounds. I attended to the business in the kitchen, had Patsy, Clarissa, Martha, and I assisted. I was mortified not being able to attend meeting at the C. H. tonight, but hope to get through time enough tomorrow to attend baptism at 3 o’clk. at the W. O. and preaching at night at C. H. Only one load of corn made today. Bill left in company with Mr. Timberlake for Court about eleven o’clk. and returned at 3 and took Pigeo and Nan up to the meeting. They drove the buggy. Jim, Sandy and Tom went about corn and Washington waited on Dandridge, who attended to the hogs. The children returned at eleven. Got letters and photographs from Ju’s, brought down by Dr. Hopson ever since last Wednesday, a letter from Mary and Liv to me and one to Pigeo, enclosing ½ doz. photographs.