Tuesday, 11th December, 1866

The weather very cold and freezing. Bill had four hogs killed. The morning made it late doing so. Jim killed three for himself and Washington assisted about it, and ploughed about 2 hours afterwards. Jim brought a load of brush to cover cabbages and pigpen, which wound up the day. – – Bill attended Mr. Smith’s sale. Started ½ past ten. I was in the kitchen a short time attending to ordinary affairs. Had some Souslets head &c boiled for liver sausage.1Caroline certainly means what we call today Head Cheese. – – I am making some new arrangements in my chamber. Had my bureau, bed moved in the front chamber by Patsy and Addison. Carried the books in the front parlour out of the book case, thinking that a more suitable place for them, and made another use of the bookcase. – – Nan slept upstairs with Pigeo tonight and Mollie with me. – – I think it would be more suitable for Pigeo and Nan to sleep together all the time, but they will not accede to it, for reasons best known to themselves. – – Bill returned from Cohoke about 9, dined at Will’s. All were well. Addison milked this morning.