Wednesday, 12th December, 1866

Intensely cold. Bill has made arrangements to have some corn shucked out tonight, and accordingly employed Clarissa to help throw some out of the house. Tom is sick again today, the 2nd day he has been laid up. Has been complaining several days. – – Made preparations for 40 or 50 hands, but only five came and some of them were boys. Too cold, suppose prevented them from coming, which will give us a great deal of unnecessary trouble, but we know not what a day will bring forth. – – I’ve undergone a great deal in feelings in the last 24 hours, but I will try and exercise patience, fortitude and resignation, hoping and believing that I shall not have much longer to combat the ills of this life. – – Received a long letter from Zac by Bill last night. Came by mail. Put up my damask curtains in the chamber today, and trying to make everything comfortable for the cold winter blasts of December.