Friday, 14th December, 1866

Still very cold and likely for snow, did snow a little. I cooked breakfast in order to allow Patsy to help about the corn. Raked up about a doz. __?__ chips and made Addison carry them in different rooms.1No page damage here, just a mystery. Click here and see if you can identify the chips that Addison carried. My first thought is that they are burned for heat. Liv arrived from Richmond about 10 o’clk. Met Pigeo, who had just started on horseback to the C. H. and returned with him, and went again in the afternoon. He rode with her and returned at bedtime, having taken supper with Ju’s. – – Finished the corn this evening. Bill helped Jim to get a load of wood this morning and cut out the 4 hogs this evening. They have been too hard frozen to cut them out before, although killed on Tuesday. – – Had sausage ground in the dining room this evening.