Wednesday, 19th December, 1866

Still cold, but Washington went to plough about eleven o’clk. Jim hauled wood and Tom grubbing. – – Bill has not returned yet. Hardie calls his hogs and feeds them every day. – – Patsy starched the clothes and commenced at ironing today. – – Martha churned and made a pretty plate of yellow butter, and I plaited my new black dress differently. Took a part of it off the body. Nan is fitting a body for herself. She, Mollie and I sleep together now Pigeo’s away. – – Liv and Hardie are hauling again today. The former killed three ducks and both killed birds. – – Had an excellent Brunswick stew for them when they returned to late dinner. – – Addison has been cutting wood all the spare time he had today and putting in the office. – – Received a ticket to Miss Evelyn McGeorge’s wedding this morning, to take place tomorrow evening 4 o’clk. – – Looked for Bill this evening, but in vain. – – Let Martha have one yard bleached cloth.