Tuesday, 25th December, 1866

This is a lovely day and I have been as busy as a bee, doing various things with but little assistance. It being Xmas day didn’t like to interrupt the enjoyment of it to others, further than was really necessary. Did various things on the stove, such as stewing peaches and apples, baking mince pies, &c, &c. – – Bill and Hardie had some sport this morning catching a fine old gobbler. He partook somewhat of the agility of his size, who would not allow himself to be taken by the Yankees, a little after this time two years ago. They succeeded though, and Patsy soon reduced him to a state of nudity. – – Bartlett and Dellah came in to see me while I was engaged in the dining room. Secured their services for tomorrow. He very politely offered his wife, I would accept of him as a butler. – – Mr. Cooke came over this morning before breakfast. Led a horse for one of the boys to ride in fox chase they intend having. Have had old Renard two nights and a day secured in the barn, which was very remarkable.1Renard (Reynard) is French for fox. But the story is a bit more involved than a that. Liv and Hardie took a walk Sunday evening and took the fox from some hounds that were hunting. They all came in about 10 o’clk. P.M., having taken supper at Hardin’s.