Thursday, 27th December, 1866

The weather intensely cold. A great change took place during the night. Tremendous wind with snow prevented the boys from going down the County on a deer hunt. Bill and Liv rode to the C. H. after breakfast and returned to supper, in company with Ju. Mr. Cooke called this morning. Would have brought his sister, but for the disagreeably windy, cold day. Liv packed up and fixed up his gear, and very unexpectedly left for Richmond by the way of Cool Spring, where he will spend the night. I shall miss the boys when they leave, they have kept the house well supplied with game of all kinds. All have enjoyed the society of each other. We have met but to part. I am sad tonight. Can’t sleep for thinking, my thoughts are scattered far and wide. I must not indulge in this sadness. When the morning dawns I shall not have time to think. The servants are all breaking up and I shall have additional duties to perform. Dandridge came in this morning to have a final settlement.