Tuesday, 1st January, 1867

A very inclement day. The boys came in last night about 10 o’clk, staid to supper and an eggnog. They left for the C. H. Bill went after Hardie had left to look for turkeys. Both returned to supper. I cooked breakfast this morning as Patsy is sick. – – Cut out black cloth cloak for Nan for New Year’s gift to make like Pigeo’s I gave her from Baltimore. Pigeo’s still busy working. Nannie sews band and sleeves, quite a tedious job for her at this time. Received a letter from Zac, claiming Xmas gifts for all family. Gave an account in his letter of the death of one of his fellow students. The name was North from Missouri.1The 1866 Register of the recently reopened Virginia Military Institute lists as a member of the 4th Class as North, R.W. from Missouri. He does not appear in the 1867 Register which lists our Littlepage, J. C. Zac ranks well (15th) in his class despite being ranked poorly in demerits. (131th in a student body of 161)