Saturday 5th January, 1867

The weather continues cold. The river has been frozen over ever since Xmas nearly. Roland Lewis came about eleven to spend the day. Had another nice bird pie for dinner. We have abounded in all kinds of game ever since the boys came home, and now that Hardie has a new gun, he sports a good deal, rather a 2nd hand gun purchased of Mr. Warren Lipscomb for $25 New Year’s Day. – – Nannie finished her cloak this evening. She deserves a great deal of credit for it. Has been busy sewing on it ever since Tuesday. I repaired a pair of cloth pants for Hardie today. He and Roland went over to spend the evening at Enfield. Did not get back till 10 o’clk. They enjoyed the evening very much, eating oysters and drinking eggnog. – – Jim moved his family to Mrs. George’s today. Pigeo sent Nannie Lewis bands by Tom, and she returned her skirt she made for her.