Wednesday, 9th January, 1867

Had an early breakfast this morning for Hardie to go over and assist Mr. Cooke about making a sleigh. After finishing it, they both came over in it, driving Fannie and Mr. Cooke’s horse, and took Pigeo and Nan to the C. H. Spent a short time at Ju’s. Mag sent me Lilli’s letter to read, a very interesting one. Mr. Cooke left the sleigh and went home on horseback. Will be over tomorrow evening and take Pigeo to the wedding. – – Patsy cooked dinner today, the last one she will cook for me I reckon. – – I sat up quite late tonight. Cut out a flannel skirt and nearly made it for Pigeo, and bound my Va. Cloth dress skirt, just to cook in when it comes upon me to do so. I shall not be so fond of it I imagine, for when any one thing becomes a duty, it often proves to be less a pleasure.