Friday, 11th January, 1867

The ground is pretty well covered again in snow, i.e., it has snowed three or four times upon the first snow. Nan and I arose quite early and about day the sleigh drove round the circle. They were pretty well covered with snow. Hardie and Mr. Cooke retired to take a nap, and Bill attended to feeding. Pigeo went to her room also. – – Patsy cooked breakfast. It seems to be a hard matter for them to get off. Addison went with Dandridge to bring a cart to move them today. They left about 4 o’clk. P.M. The wedding party awoke and took breakfast between 12 and 10 o’clk., and soon had the sleigh hitched to call on the bride, Pigeo, Nan, Hardie and Mr. Cooke. It is now ten o’clk., I am writing in my journal, they have not returned yet. – – Mollie and I took a walk to the quarter through the snow after they all left. I had a hearty cry at parting with my faithful Patsy. She and Martha came upstairs to take leave of me. Bill and I were fixing the lock on the door between Mary’s room and front rooms. He rode George to the C. H. at 4 o’clk. – – Mollie and I are the only ones in the house, and Tom and Blind John the only ones in the kitchen, or on the land besides. Mollie is now dozing in the chair and will soon retire, and I shall be entirely alone. She and I went down and took supper, but I intend taking a cup of strong coffee presently to keep my eyes open, for I intend sitting up till they come. – – They have just returned, ½ past eleven. Had a little dance at Ju’s on their return home. This is a lovely night, though very cold. The moon shines brightly on the snow.