Wednesday, 16th January, 1867

Well it hasn’t snowed today, but bitter cold. Mr. Cooke and Roland came about 10 o’clk. and they hitched Fannie with Mr. Cooke’s horse and all hands got in and went to the C. H. with the intention, I believe, of making a call on some young ladies. – – It’s now nearly 7. Pigeo and Nan are playing duets, the boys have not returned yet. I sent a note to Ju by Bill desiring to see him on some particular business. – – We all retired at ten and after 10 o’clk. the boys, Bill, Hardie, Roland Lewis and Mr. Cooke came in having spent the evening at Mr. Norment’s. – – Broke their sleigh at the Sandy Hill, the horses ran off home. Bill and Roland came on, left the other two with the sleigh after taking a nap. They despaired seeing the horses again, so they walked home. Came in quietly, retired.