Sunday, 20th January, 1867

Bill’s driving Fannie today. Led me to enquire of Tom after the welfare of George. After some deliberation he say’s he did not know where he was, so he still left me in doubt and I had him brought in the yard. He galloped him round quite gaily. Very cold and cloudy. I was afraid to turn out in the buggy, though I have missed two Sundays from Church. Bill took Nan and Millie to Zion and from there he went to Jerusalem and came by for them and home to dinner, all covered in snow when they came in. Commenced snowing soon after they got there and snowed several hours fast, and then turned to hail, rain and snow and continued till in the night. We all took supper at twilight in the chamber. Commenced reading a work gotten up by Dr. Edwards on Popular Christianity and the Christianity of the Bible. Pigeo will not be able to get home this evening.