Monday, 21st January, 1867

Some little thaw going on today. Bill went over In the buggy about eleven for Pigeo. They returned and after taking a snack, he went up in the sleigh to see Ju about going to Richmond and to bring the meal, but it had not been ground, so we concluded to try and break the ice and cross the ferry to Walkerton Mill. Hardie and Mr. Cooke returned from “Dewberry,” the name of Mrs. Cooke’s resident in Hanover, about 4 o’clk.1Mr. John McPhereson Cooke’s mother was Elizabeth Edmonia [Churchill] Cooke. Her husband, Rev. John McPhereson Cooke, died in 1861. Dewberry in western Hanover County is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Mrs. Cooke’s first husband was her cousin Thomas Nelson Berkeley of Airwell in Hanover. The latter went on home after bringing Hardie by, driving one horse. Met with a serious accident with the other, “gored by an ox,” he thinks mortally wounded. Ju intends starting to Richmond in the morning. Bill had an idea of going at the same time to procure labor, but the severity of the winter would allow no work to be done, even if he had hands. Therefore, it would be useless to incur fruitless expense. Tom scarcely finds employment now, just to get wood, on account of the severe cold. Hardie commenced reading Dr. Edwards’ work. I think he will be pleased with it. Bill likewise.