Tuesday, 22nd January, 1867

Very threatening for snow again this morning, but after a while the sun came out and the day has been tolerably good, but little thaw. I certainly am anxious to see the face of the earth once more, for it has been a long time since. I finished a letter to Rose and with some ½ doz. others sent by Bill this morning for Ju to take to Richmond, from Pigeo and Nannie. He returned about 11, bringing two bags of meal on George unexpectedly from the mill below, so he will not have to go across the river, which would be very dangerous. He and Hardie, with Tom to help, brought stock some fodder to the barn in the oxcart. Pigeo has a very good idea of cooking, I think. Her first meal was supper last night. Hardie and Nan and I had several hearty laughs at her, but we had no business in the dining room till supper was ready. We bothered her, he describing so many funny things that had taken place with Mr. Cooke and himself while away. She says she will not allow any one to come in hereafter. – – She has done first rate today. Cooks with dispatch and neatness, seasons finely, with judgment and economy.