Wednesday, 23rd January, 1867

Quite a fine morning, but very cold. Hope Ju got safely to Richmond with his load yesterday, have some fears though. There is so much ice and the traveling so bad. Bill promised him to ride up there last night and sit till bedtime, but declined going on acct. of being too tired. He has been busy getting the ice house ready for putting in the ice tomorrow, repairing cart body, &c. Hardie rode Fannie over to Mr. Cooke’s to inform him, as he wishes to assist in filling the house. He returned with Mr. Cooke in his sleigh, driving Fannie with his horse and went to the C. H. together to see about having his mules shod for hauling. Hardie returned on horseback. Mr. Cooke went on home. Bill rode to Ju’s and sat till bedtime with Mag. Returned just as Hardie and I were about to take some coffee, in order to keep his eyes open to finish reading Dr. Edwards’ book, and joined us in some head cheese and coffee. I suppose Mag had taken supper before he got there, as it was nearly sunset when he left home. Brought a letter from Zac to Nan and his report for me, also a document from New York. The boys sat up till 12 and I did not retire till 2. Nearly knit a whole stocking for Mollie and put on the 2nd one. – – Patsy came to wash today.