Thursday, 24th January, 1867

Quite a pretty day for getting ice. Mr. Cooke came while we were having breakfast, with his wagon and hands, and they, with our oxcart and mules in front, soon commenced the operation. – – Tom baked bread and boiled a joint of old bacon with cabbage in the kitchen. I cooked the rest of the dinner on the stove. I made an excellent beef soup, bird pie, baked tomatoes, sausage and jumbles, all very nicely cooked, to praise myself. Hardie went to the C. H. for ½ gallon whiskey, made a pitcher toast today. They all prevailed on me while at dinner to allow Pigeo and Nan to go up to a little dance given by Mrs. Pemberton. With some reluctance I agreed. They started after sunset, Mr. Cooke and Hardie with them in the sleigh. Some four or five young men have been skating out before the house this evening. The ice is some 7 or 8 inches thick they are putting in the ice house. I commenced about making a linsey dress for Mollie today. Plaited Pigeo’s blue mousdelaine skirt this evening. – – Patsy spent the night in the kitchen with Tom. She left before breakfast. Gave her a piece of China.