Saturday, 26th January, 1867

The children returned from Ju’s about 5 o’clk. I arose at that time and made a fire and nearly finished off a linsey dress I have been about for Mollie. All retired, Mr. Cooke remained till the afternoon. Mr. Palmer, a gentleman from Baltimore, came in a buggy. He remained the rest of the day and spent the night. Mr. Grubbs came also to spend the night, about the time Bill returned, while we were at supper. Pigeo presided in my place at the table. I didn’t feel well enough to dress after officiating around the stove. Hardie retired sometime before the rest, having been dissipating two nights in succession, and feels the effects of it more than the rest. Bill left home about eleven for the C. H. to see Ju, took dinner there and returned to supper.