Monday, 28th January, 1867

Quite a pretty day, some little thaw. I went in the buggy to Ju’s about 12 o’clk. Only saw him a minute or two, returned home at sunset. Rather a disagreeable ride though. Hardie drove the buggy. Bill was anxious that I should go, thinking perhaps I might be able to transact some little business that I had to do, but the opportunity did not offer. Therefore, we left sooner than we should have done in order for Mag to make preparation for some Magistrates. Ju sent word would spend the night with him. Nannie, dear little heart, soon went down and had our frugal meal prepared and a pot of hot coffee. Mag excused herself for not giving me a cup, which I should have enjoyed exceedingly after taking a cold disagreeable ride. I frequently indulge at odd times in the delicious draught. It seems to invigorate and refresh rather than stupefy the energies of the mind as many other things do, for instance the use of “tobacco,” hardened spirit, or indeed a narcotic of any kind, when indulged in prove to be most intolerable in their affects.