Sunday, 3rd February, 1867

A beautiful spring day. The roads are as good as we could expect them after being frozen so long. Hardie remained with Nan, who is quite unwell with diphtheria. Has been complaining several days. – – Pigeo and I went in the buggy to Zion, Bill along on horseback to Jerusalem. Mr. Henley preached there, consequently was detained longer than usual and we left Zion before he arrived there. Mr. Cooke became our escort home, but declined remaining to dinner. Mollie and I went down and soon had it prepared. We found Nannie much better. – – Hardie has been writing letter today. I recommended to him the reading of “Acts of the Apostles” while I was at church. They are so much interesting, that I neglected putting the lamp out till nearly sunrise. Pigeo cooked breakfast this morning. Hardie hitched George to the buggy for us. Bill should have required Tom to do it. He is rather remiss in things of that kind. – – He consulted me in relation to employing James Harrison as a laborer the rest of the year. He is now sick at the C. H. – – Found on going to the stables this morning that one of the mules was sick. She had received a wound similar to the one she had last fall. Both unaccountable, had her feet in the yard.