Tuesday, 5th February, 1867

Quite a pretty day. Bill started as early as he could get off, carried 15 or 16 bushels corn, six chickens for Pigeo and ten for myself, and Nannie’s trunk to remain till she goes over in the stage next week on her way to Piedmont. Gave Bill $34 to make some purchases and pay Dr. Power $20 on acct. of Pigeo, professor. – – This is the 38th anniversary of our wedding day, many have been the changes. Hardie has been at the barn most of the day about the little wagon. I walked up there after grinding three pairs of scissors and the dinner knives. Pigeo turned the grindstone. Found Tom shucking corn. Returned and had some molasses put on to stew for Nan to carry with her to school. She and Pigeo picked out walnuts to put in it. It was very nice indeed.