Monday, 11th February, 1867

Clear and bright, but very cold. I took Rose and went down and had an early breakfast. Partially engaged her at $50 pr. year. She went home to fix her things to return again this week. – – Bill rode to the C. H. to carry Mr. Slaughter some money. – – Bob Pollard came to inform Hardie something about a vessel leaving for Balto. Had his things starched and ironed thinking perhaps to take passage in her as she passed. Rode to Walkerton to ascertain, but saw no one. – – Returned and took Pigeo and Nan and Mollie to call on Jennie Henley. They had a nice time on the river. Heard men singing some after they left their landing. Got in just at twilight. Finished ironing while they were gone. – – Pigeo went down and had supper, I was too tired. All retired early. Hardie made me promise to call him when I got up in the morning, as he has writing to do. – – Had the canaries’s cage cleaned out this morning. I neglect them sometimes through the multiplenty of duty.