Tuesday, 12th February, 1867

Arose early as usual and called Hardie, agreeably to promise. Had a cup of strong coffee ready for him and he went to writing. I did likewise. Nan heard him sipping coffee and soon got up too and after participating a little, fixed her corset for school. Before that I wrote in journal. Hardie has busied himself about something, I hardly know what, today. He has been hunting part of the day. Killed an old hare and some partridges. Returned home to supper. Has heard nothing from the vessel he expects to go to Balto. Mr. Cooke sent him word yesterday if he would wait a week longer he would take him to Tappahannock in his double buggy to take the Steamer there for Balto. I would prefer his doing so. – – Nan got breakfast today. This morning Tom cooked dinner. – – Starched two skirts for myself today and frill for Mollie. – – Bill and I looked through the desk for the plot of the Mill land and there is some dispute about the boundary, but could not find it. I don’t know where it can be, have no recollection of seeing it.